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CIS 410 – Assignment #1

Our first assignment is getting OGRE and Visual Studio C++ up and running together. Once that is configured and working, we are to add functionality to a demo program given to us. I believe the data files (terrain texture, height-map, .cfg files, etc.) are provided with OGRE and some sample files, but our instructor has put them together in a basic OGRE demo program.

Here is what we must add:

  1. Make the left shift key a “run” key that doubles camera movement speed
  2. The camera is currently allowed to run off the edge of the terrain. Add world boundaries so that the camera is not allowed to travel closer than within 5 meters of the four terrain edges
  3. The camera is currently allowed to pitch arbitrarily, causing the world to sometimes be rendered upside down. Add pitch limits so that pitch is restricted to operate on the range [-PI/2, PI/2]
  4. Populate the terrain with 1000 spheres. Use the sphere.mesh and BeachBall_Material included with the assignment. The spheres should be randomly positioned around the terrain, with height adjusted so that the lowest point on the sphere roughly touches the terrain. The spheres should be scaled to a reasonable size for the terrain (e.g., 5-10 meter diameter)

That’s it for the first assignment. I’ve got the first 3 parts completed, but I cannot really show you that in a screen shot. So far I’ve got a single sphere loaded, here’s some screen shots:

And here’s all 1000 of them:
1000 green spheres
Turns out those white spheres aren’t the correct spheres I need to be loading. An error I wasn’t even aware of. Now I got it sorted out, so here’s one of the real spheres:
Terrain with single green sphere
Terrain with single white sphere
Here’s a screen shot of what the first few OGRE tutorials cover:
Purple ninja

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