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The Return

Well, despite my high hopes for progress during this past summer, programming ended up taking a backseat to . . . summer. Now that school has started, I’m back into my CIS courses, and this time it’s all about Java . . . for the whole year.

Because I am also taking physics the whole year, my eyes are currently set on Robocode for my extra-curricular learning. Aside from the fact that programming a killing machine is fun, Robocode will allow me to simultaneously use my Java and physics; something I have never tried before.

Currently I intend to document and post my work from my Java courses on this site, with two reasons for this in mind. Not only will it help to keep my CIS in the foreground of my learning, but it will act as a collection of my work for anyone to view as well as teach me a few skills in creating and managing a portfolio.

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