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Four Patterns Demonstration

I ended up writing so much in the accompanying email of the project file, I thought I’d put that here to describe the design.

The program simulates a teacher at school. A Teacher is created, and then Students are created and given a random favorite design pattern. The Students are then divided into classrooms, and the Teacher goes to each classroom and attempts to drill the design principle of the day into their minds. He then quizzes the Students afterwards on what and how he just taught them the design principle. The Students will not only remember what principle he taught them, but also his tone of voice as well as any manners that the he had.

Two things are randomized that alter the outcome of the program:

– Each Student’s single favorite pattern is chosen at random. This determines whether they will change State when the Teacher announces the pattern of the day.

– Each classroom is assigned random Students. Depending on the number of Students in the classroom whose favorite pattern matches the pattern the Teacher will be teaching (i.e. the number of Students who are paying attention), the State of the Teacher will change.

Let me explain where the 4 patterns are applied:

The Strategy Pattern – A Teacher has a SpeakBehavior (a certain tone) and this SpeakBehavior is determined by the State of the Teacher.

The Observer Pattern – When a Teacher enters a classroom, all the Students observe the Teacher. Then the Teacher announces the pattern of the day, and the Students remove themselves as an Observer from the Teacher if the announced pattern is not their favorite.

The Decorator Pattern – The SpeakBehavior classes may be randomly wrapped by a FunnyManner or WeirdManner.

The State Pattern – The State of the Teacher is determined by how many Students are observing it (paying attention). If the Teacher has already taught 2 classrooms today, and if the Teacher is not in a bad mood (bad state), then the Teacher will be in a Tired state. The State of the Teacher changes the SpeakBehavior of the Teacher, and may even decide (at random) to decorate the SpeakBehavior with a FunnyManner or WeirdManner.

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