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The Idea…

I’ve decided to change the design of my game to something more simple. The game still takes place in space as you command a ship, and your ultimate goal is to start at one end of the galaxy and travel to the other end. The galaxy will be represented by a number line (ie 1 2 3 4 5 … 1000) where you begin at 1 and must reach 1000. Each number represents a part of the galaxy, so there may be a planet, another ship, an asteroid field, a black hole, or nothing. You will choose the speed of your ship, its docking ability, and its offensive and defensive abilities.

The speed will determine in what increments you traverse the galaxy (for example, with a slow speed (speed = 1) your ship travels from 1 to 2, with a fast speed (speed = 3) your ship travels from 1 to 4, etc), yet if you have a fast speed you will skip over a lot of the galaxy (if your ship goes from 1 to 4, you might miss a helpful planet on 3, or you might avoid a deadly battle on 2).

The docking ability will determine whether you’re able to dock on a planet if you come across one. There are 2 types of docking abilities: Proton and Neutron. A Proton ability will allow you to dock on Neutron planets and vice versa. You might find helpful items on planets, but if you die while on a planet your ship will remain on the planet (more on this later).

The offensive and defensive abilities determine the outcome of a battle. There are 3 types of each ability, with a rock-paper-scissors relationship between the abilities. The 3 offensive abilities are: Blaster, Photon, Torpedo. The 3 defensive abilities are: Blast Shield, Photon Shield, Deflector Shield. Each ship will have 1 of each offensive and defensive ability. The relationships between the abilities are as follows:

  • Blaster: < Blast Shield, > Photon Shield, > Deflector Shield
  • Photon: < Photon Shield, > Blast Shield, > Deflector Shield
  • Torpedo: < Deflector Shield, > Blast Shield, > Photon Shield

Combat will result in one of 4 possible outcomes: you win by destroying the enemy ship, you lose by destruction of your ship, you retreat by negating abilities, or you both die by mismatched abilities. For example, your ship has a Blaster (Offensive) and Photon Shield (Defensive) and the enemy ship has Torpedo (Offensive) and Deflector Shield (Defensive). Both of your ships would be destroyed because your Blaster beats his Deflector Shield and his Torpedo beats your Photon Shield.

Throughout the game you will command many ships, so the destruction of your ship does not mean the end of the game. If you encounter an obstacle that your ship cannot overcome (battle, asteroid field), your ship will become immobile and remain at that part of the galaxy. You will then create a new ship at an earlier point of the galaxy (1 if you did not discover a save point on an explored planet, in which case you would start where that planet is located). When you come across your previous ship which is now immobile, you may use it to exchange any speed, docking, or combat abilities. This will allow you to overcome whatever obstacle stopped your previous ship.

I mentioned earlier the act of dieing on a planet, in which case your ship would remain at that planet. If this were to happen, you would not be able to return to that ship unless your new ship could not only dock on that planet, but be able defeat the enemy that previously defeated you.

The ability to create numerous ships throughout the game should keep things interesting as you will be able to try all different variations of abilities, and you will always be able to progress a little further as you know what you need to face and may use salvage parts from your previous ship should you return to it.

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