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Second Task, First Problem

Well my first task(seen below) was completed without any problems. I made several modifications to make everything correct, and turned it in. Now during the meeting on Monday, I was given my next task. Not as interesting sounding as my first, but here it is:

Refine CTPString class : The class needs to be well documented and made compatible with the std::string class.

This means I will be editing the code, so I need to familiarize myself with the engine and all the components. Therein lies the problem. After 2 hours of trying to force Visual Studio C++ Express Edition to work, we walked away unsuccessful. We had to load all these projects into VC++ and get them to compile and run, but for some reason it didn’t want to work on my machine. The guy who was helping me seems to think he might have found the problem, so we will try again soon.

As for the task itself, I was told I need to study “cyclic redundancy check,” or CRC32 specifically to solve this task. Interesting.

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